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CONTRIBUTORS Inferbo Jan 31, 2017
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LICENSE Add module to fix copyright messages. Jul 16, 2015
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PATENTS initial synchronization Jun 9, 2015
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configure.ac [build] honour `OPAMROOT` Oct 25, 2017
dotbuckversion [buck] bump .buckversion Jan 9, 2018
install-sh [utils] Add CTypes binding of fts and implement remove_directory_tree Nov 20, 2016
opam [racerd] Delay issue deduplication to differential reporting Nov 29, 2017
opam.lock [ocamlformat] Upgrade base and ocamlformat Dec 28, 2017


Infer Build Status

Infer is a static analysis tool for Java, Objective-C and C, written in OCaml.


Read our Getting Started page for details on how to install packaged versions of Infer. To build Infer from source, see INSTALL.md.




Infer is BSD-licensed. We also provide an additional patent grant.

Note: Enabling Java support may require you to download and install components licensed under the GPL.