USB host and device drivers for the 65x02
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usb65 - USB host and device drivers for the 6502

This repository holds host and device drivers for 6502 processors. The aim is to make
them generic enough so they can be reused in many 6502 computers.

Currently supported functionalities:

- Keyboard (host+device)
- mouse (host+device)
- hub (as host, can enumerate devices connected via a hub!)

Currently supported hardware:

- SL811HS (host+device) via processor bus interface
- MAX3420 (device) via an SPI interface
- MAX3421 (host+device - device is same as MAX3420) via an SPI interface

Currently supported platforms:

- CS/A "Fat40" PET replica with
	- NETUSB 1.x board (2 SL811HS for host and device)
	- NETUSB 2.x board (MAX3420 for device + MAX3421 for host)

- Commodore PET with CS/A adapter 
	- (tested only with NETUSB 1.x)

Future plans:

- code cleanup
	- more generic assembler
	- extract common code
	- separate platform specific code
- more supported platforms
- more functionalities
	- RS232 via USB
	- mass storage device (USB stick)
	- Network (ethernet?) via USB


- host/
	USB host driver code
- device/
	UBS device driver code
- common/
	separated out common code (e.g. for messages, or USB headers)
- drivers/
	hardware drivers for USB and necessary others (like SPI)
- hardware/
	description of supported hardware
- platform/
	hold the platform specific code.
	Here reside the main programs with the build code

Build note

At this time you need the "xa65" cross assembler to build it (and its associated
"reloc65" tool). And even more, you need the head of the "listing" branch on github:

You can then "make" the code in the host/ and device/ subdirectories

It builds test executables for the CS/A for now. Those have a Commodore PET header,
i.e. can be LOADed and RUN to a) enumerate the USB bus or b) let the PET be a keyboard
for a PC.

Known bugs

- hub enumeration on MAX3421 does not yet work. 
- keyboard mapping is preliminary
- Only few features are implemented. E.g. there is no power management