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Prelude of the Chambered in Dart

Play it here.

Based on this java code by an asshole:

This project is a port of Prelude of the Chambered to Dart that I did many years ago. I wrote it get better at dart, and test out the game library I was working on at the time called DTMark.

DTMark is unmaintained, and it turns out the author of the original game is a fascist, but I'm still proud of this regardless. I had to re-implement the entire graphics engine in WebGL from scratch, since the original was a raycasting software renderer, and doing that in javascript was not feasible at any reasonable framerate. I wrote more about that process at the time on my blog

Since then I've lost interest in Dart and don't plan to update this project to dart 2.x. It still builds with older darts though:

  • grab dart 1.8.5 from the archive.
  • run pub get in this repo to grab dependencies
  • run pub build to build the project. server the build/web directory as the root directory from a web server.

For the sake of archival I'm also pushing the build directory up so if I lose the build again I don't have to go through the process of rebuilding it from source.


Prelude of the Chambered ported to Dart






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