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Tools I use together with ACME
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My ACME tool chest

This is a collection of small utilities I use together with Rob Pike's ACME editor.

Against Plan9 custom, the utilities are mostly Bash scripts and not rc. That's mostly because I'm more comfortable with Bash than rc.


This tool watches ACME's log file for new windows and adds a few commands I often use to their tag lines:

  • Git directories: Gci
  • Files ending in .go: Lfmt Ldef Lrefs
  • go.mod files: Lws+
  • Git commit messages and markdown files: |fmt

It also adds |I- |I+ to all regular files' tags.

Gci and Gpush

These are very simple wrappers around git commit --interactive and git push that use a win window for interaction. They are probably the start of some more fancy integration of Git. I'm not too sure on that yet though.

I+ and I-

These indent and dedent text. Indentation is a tab character. Dedent supports tabs and blanks. These are intended to behave similar to Vi's < and > commands.

This is the script that I use to start Acme. It starts plumber, fontsrv, acme-lsp, a completion binding handler and Adefaults. It also runs Acme with the primary font set to GoMono and the secondary font set to GoRegular.

This script symlinks all of the above scripts to $HOME/bin.

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