automatic generation of JMAP-style APIs
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Changes we need a changelog now Jul 5, 2016


Instant JMAP Interface


Ix is highly experimental, or at least under pretty active development, with no guarantees about backward compatibility. It might change radically overnight, and if you were relying on it not to do that, you are going to have a bad time.

Ix is a framework for building applications using the JMAP protocol. Ix provides abstractions for writing method handlers to handle JMAP requests containing multiple method calls. It also provides a mapping layer to automatically provide JMAP's CRUD and windows query interfaces by mapping to a DBIx::Class schema.

Ix doesn't have documentation, but it has decent tests. It's also much more heavily tested than it appears, because there are test suites for internal products built on Ix. Remember, though: because Ix is being changed as much as we want, whenever we want, you can't use the tests as promises of what will stay the same. If we change the framework, we'll just change the tests, too.

To play with Ix, you'll need to install the prereqs that Dist::Zilla will compute, including at least one that's not on the CPAN: Test::PgMonger. You'll also need a working PostgreSQL install.