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A js13kGames 2015 entry
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This is my entry for the js13kGames competition.

The game is a little homage to Sokoban, one of my favourite games from the time I was about 2 years old.

The main difference is that the game is reversed - you now have to pull the boxes instead of pushing them. This means that Sobanko, although similar to Sokoban, is quite a different game; some positions possible to obtain in one game are impossible in another.

You can play the game here thanks to the GitHub Pages.

Thanks to my friend Bartosz Gąsowski for giving me the idea to make this game.


The project requires Node.js and npm (comes with Node.js) to be installed.


Run npm install in the project directory to install all needed packages.

Grunt commands

Each command generates some files in the build directory. index.html, bundle.css, and bundle.js from that directory are needed for the game to run.

grunt or grunt run-dev will start watchers which will rebuild the development version of the project after changes.

grunt build-dev builds the development version of the project.

grunt build-prod builds the "production" version of the project - the resulting files were used for the entry.

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