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Flycheck checker for gometalinter
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Flycheck checker for golang using gometalinter

This package provides flycheck checker for golang.


Install gometalinter and install all available checkers with:

gometalinter --install --update

Manually Installation

Copy flycheck-gometalinter.el file to load-path and add to init.el.

(require 'flycheck-gometalinter)
(eval-after-load 'flycheck
  '(add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook #'flycheck-gometalinter-setup))

Install with Melpa

This package is available in Melpa and Melpa Stable, can be installed with package-install command.

For use-package user:

(use-package flycheck-gometalinter
  :ensure t


;; skips 'vendor' directories and sets GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT=1
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-vendor t)
;; only show errors
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-errors-only t)
;; only run fast linters
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-fast t)
;; use in tests files
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-test t)
;; disable linters
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-disable-linters '("gotype" "gocyclo"))
;; Only enable selected linters
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-disable-all t)
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-enable-linters '("golint"))
;; Set different deadline (default: 5s)
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-deadline "10s")
;; Use a gometalinter configuration file (default: nil)
(setq flycheck-gometalinter-config "/path/to/gometalinter-config.json")
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