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Status: Unstable Build Status Activity: Active development License: GPLv3

A lightweight build / CI (Continuous Integration) server.


Jerrybuild is a lightweight project build and Continuous Integration server written in Python. Basically, it's a web server that listens for webhook notifications and then runs scripts.


  • Easy to set up and configure via a simple configuration file
  • Consumes only 17 Mb of memory
  • Support for generic webhooks, Github and Gogs
  • Written in Python (v2.7+, v3+) with zero other dependencies
  • Utilizes scripts to do the building. Any programming language can be used to create build scripts.
  • Pass custom environment variables to the scripts based on globally or job-specificly configured environment settings.
  • Send email on job build failures and recovery.
  • Web interface front-end.
  • Shield support (

Since Jerrybuild is supposed to be lightweight, it doesn't implement some features found in other CI servers:

  • Jerrybuild does not control your version control system for you. Updating clones and checking out the correct branches should be handled in your build script. The Github, Gogs and other providers will pass environment values to your script containing information on which repo/commit to build. #FIXME: Examples.
  • The job build queue can currently only build one job at a time.
  • Jerrybuild cannot be configured via the web interface, only via the configuration file.
  • Jerrybuild doesn't try to do things other programs are better at. As such:
    • There is no scheduling mechanism. You can use Cron to do scheduled builds.
    • The web interface has no authentication. If you require authentication, you should put Apache or Nginx in front of it. See the Cookbook for a How-to.
    • Doesn't support SSL. Put Apache or Nginx in front of it. See the Cookbook for a How-to.


Run from repo

If you just want to evaluate Jerrybuild, it's possible to run Jerrybuild directly from the git reposiroty. When you're satisfied that you really wish to use Jerrybuild, you can install it on your system.

Install system-wide

To install from source / the Git repo:

git clone
cd jerrybuild
sudo make install

make install installs Jerrybuild system-wide and:

  • Creates a jerrybuild user which will own the configuration files and working space.
  • Put the global configuration in /etc/jerrybuild/jerrybuild.cfg.
  • Put the job configuration in /etc/jerrybuild/jobs.d.
  • Creates the working space for your repositories in /var/lib/jerrybuild/workspace/.


The full documentation above includes:

Getting started

There's also a more in-depth full Tutorial available.

For this example, we'll be building a project named my-project. It uses Git and is hosted on Github.

Create a new job: /etc/jerrybuild/jobs.d/my-project:

desc = Build MyProject
url = /hook/my-project
provider = generic
cmd = /var/lib/jerrybuild/workspace/my-project/

This defines a new job that will listen on the URL http://localhost:5281/hook/my-project, depending on the settings in the global configuration file. The provider is generic, which supports basically any SCM that can do POST requests. When a POST is made to the hook URL, Jerrybuild will execute the /var/lib/jerrybuild/workspace/my-project/ script. Before doing so, it will change to the work_dir configured in the global configuration file.

Next, git clone your project into the correct directory:

$ cd /var/lib/jerrybuild/workspace/
$ git clone

You may need to do this as the jerrybuild user, or otherwise probably want to change the ownership of the project to the jerrybuild user afterwards:

$ sudo chown -R jerrybuild:jerrybuild my-project

You're completely free to implement as you see fit. It might look something like this though:

$ cd my-project
$ cat

set -e

export SSH_KEY="/var/lib/jerrybuild/deploy_keys/my-project.rsa"
export  # Provided by Jerrybuild

cd my-project  # Provided by Jerrybuild
make test
make release REL_VERSION=9.99

Add public key to know hosts:

The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 16:27:ac:a5:76:28:2d:36:63:1b:56:4d:eb:df:a6:48.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list
of known hosts.

Start Jerrybuild:

$ jerrybuild /etc/jerrybuild/jerrybuild.cfg

Configure the webhook in Github. FIXME


Jerrybuild itself doesn't know how to check out your source code, but it does provide tools to make it easier to do so. The tools come in the form of shellscripts. You can find them in the src/tools directory.

The directory containing the tools is automatically included in the PATH when your build script is being run, so you can use it right from your buildscript.