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Demonstration code for the Feabhas coroutines blog.

Build the demos using make. Remove generated executables with make clean.

Generated executables are:

  • char_demo
  • datapoint_demo
  • iterator_demo
  • iterator_move_demo

Use the following commands to test the applications:

$ ./char_demo
$ python3 | ./datapoint_demo
$ python3 | ./iterator_demo
$ ./iterator_move_demo

Alternatively use ./ to use cmake to build the targets in build\debug.

Using gcc

Coroutine support is available in gcc-10 onwards but requires the -std=c++20 and -fcoroutines command line options. Suitable commands are of the form:

$ g++  -g -Wall -std=c++20 -fcoroutines -o char_demo src/char_demo.cpp

Using clang

Coroutine support is experimental in clang-12 (the latest version at the time of writing the blog) and needs the include statment:

#include <experimental/coroutine>

Coroutine support is in the std::experimental namespace rather then std::.

Make sure libc++-12-dev and libc++abi-12-dev are also installed when compiling with clang-12.

To compile add the -stdlib=libc++ and -fcoroutines-ts options to the clang-12 command line. Suitable commands are of the form:

$ clang++-12  -g -Wall -std=c++20 -stdlib=libc++ -fcoroutines-ts -o char_demo src/char_demo.cpp