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A cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust

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Visit the espanso website.

What is a Text Expander?

A text expander is a program that detects when you type a specific keyword and replaces it with something else. This is useful in many ways:

  • Save a lot of typing, expanding common sentences.
  • Create system-wide code snippets.
  • Execute custom scripts
  • Use emojis like a pro.

Key Features

  • Works on Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Works with almost any program
  • Works with Emojis 😄
  • Works with Images
  • Date expansion support
  • Custom scripts support
  • Shell commands support
  • App-specific configurations
  • Support Forms
  • Expandable with packages
  • Built-in package manager for espanso hub
  • File based configuration

Get Started

Visit the official documentation.


If you need some help to setup espanso, want to ask a question or simply get involved in the community, Join the official Subreddit! :)


espanso is a free, open source software developed in my (little) spare time. If you liked the project and would like to support further development, please consider making a small donation, it really helps :)

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Many people helped the project along the way, thanks to all of you. In particular, I want to thank:


  • Thanks to libxdo and xclip, used to implement the Linux port.
  • Thanks to the ModifyPath script, used by espanso to improve the Windows installer.


espanso was created by Federico Terzi and is licensed under the GPL-3.0 license.