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High Performance Tablut AI Engine
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O(sarracino) is a Tablut Engine written in C++ with a strong focus on performance. It was written by Federico Terzi and Massimo Schembri for the 2019 yearly challenge hosted by Prof. Mello for the Fundamentals of AI course.

O(sarracino) got the 2nd place out of 22 participants.

Play online

While the original version required a dedicated server to be played, a lighter version has been ported to the web using WebAssembly.

You can play online here.


In order to achive the best performance, O(sarracino) took advantage of:

  • Multi-threading
  • Bit operations
  • CPU intrinsics (native processor instructions)

The engine is capable to evaluate ( on my Intel i5-8400 machine ) about 35 million possibile moves each second.


To install the required libraries on Debian:

sudo apt install build-essential pkg-config libjsoncpp-dev cmake

Then to compile the program, first enter the project directory:

cmake CMakeLists.txt -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
make -j 4
ln -s ./cli/osarracino ./osarracino

Using the player

To start the player, type:

./osarracino COLOR -t [TIMEOUT]

# Examples:

# Launch white player with a timeout of 60 seconds
./osarracino white -t 60

# Launch black player with a timeout of 60 seconds
./osarracino black -t 60

To change the number of cores used by osarracino you can use the -j option:

# Launch white player with a timeout of 60 seconds using 4 cores
./osarracino white -t 60 -j 4
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