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What is this spec?

Forked from hansode's ruby-2.1.x-rpm project at and updated for 2.2.2.

build SRPM and RPM

It's Simple.

  1. Create your feature branch named ruby-{major}.{minor}.{patch} (e.g ruby-2.2.4)
  2. Edit ruby-{major}.{minor}.spec
    • Change value of Version
    • Add Changelog
  3. Push to the branch.
  4. Create a Pull request.
  5. When the Pull request is merged, CircleCI will release ruby rpms to .


We create a Pull Request automatically using CircleCI.

About Docker Image

This project uses Docker to build RPMs.

The Docker images are hosted at Docker Hub.

How to build Docker image


The Docker images will be built at Docker Hub automatically.

  1. Commit changes about Dockerfile-{6,7} to a feature branch
  2. Push the feature branch to GitHub repository
  3. Merge the feature branch to the master branch
  4. Wait for building Docker images by Docker Hub Automated Build


You can also build Docker images manually.

$ docker build -t feedforce/ruby-rpm:centos7 -f Dockerfile-7 .
$ docker build -t feedforce/ruby-rpm:centos6 -f Dockerfile-6 .

Push to Docker Hub if necessary.

$ docker login
$ docker push feedforce/ruby-rpm:centos7
$ docker push feedforce/ruby-rpm:centos6