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A node.js library version of the CloudFoundry VMC gem.

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vmcjs NPM version

A node.js library version of the CloudFoundry VMC gem.

Copyright 2011, FeedHenry Ltd. Licensed under the MIT license, please see the LICENSE file. All rights reserved.


npm install vmcjs

Example usage

var vmcjs = require('vmcjs');
var vmc = new vmcjs.VMC(target, user, pwd);
vmc.login(function(err) {
  vmc.apps(function(err, apps){

See the tests for more sample API usage.

Running tests

You need to set your own CloudFoundry account credentials before running the tests. First, set the following three environment variables:

export CF_TARGET=<CloudFoundry target> e.g. for a local micro instance http://api.<name>
export CF_EMAIL=<CloudFoundry user email> e.g.
export CF_PWD=<CloudFoundry user password>
export CF_ADMIN_EMAIL=<CloudFoundry administrator email> e.g.
export CF_ADMIN_PWD=<CloudFoundry administrator password>

Then run the tests with: expresso -I lib

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