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This repo contains source code for

  • Bidirectional Multirate Reconstruction for Temporal Modeling in Videos, Linchao Zhu, Zhongwen Xu, Yi Yang.
  • Few-Shot Object Recognition from Machine-Labeled Web Images, Zhongwen Xu*, Linchao Zhu*, Yi Yang

To run our key-value memory experiments, you need to install TensorFlow 1.0 or above. The source code has been tested on TensorFlow 1.3.

# Download files (dataset, features, etc) for training
wget -O /tmp/
cd /tmp && unzip

# Go to the source directory
# To train the model on GPU 0, run
./ train 0
# It will read the configure file configs/mem/

# To evaludate the model, run
./ eval /tmp/mem/few_shots/train_dir/{RUN_ID}/model.ckpt-${MODEL_ID} 1

Change the `train_stage` variable to `train_5` or `train_10` to evaluate the model on 5-shot and 10-shot settings.
You can obtain almost the same performance as reported on our paper.