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FFV1 Specification


This repository manages the development of specification documents for FFV1, a lossless intra-frame video codec. The goals of this specification effort are defined within the charter of the cellar working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force. Information within this repository should be considered in draft form. The most recent official version of the specification for FFV1 versions 0, 1 and 3 may be found at and for FFV1 version 4 at


The FFV1 specification was initially written in lyx. In July 2015 the formatting of the specification was transitioned to Markdown to be used with xml2rfc version 2. In August 2019 the formatting was transitioned to target xml2rfc version 3.

The Markdown version of the FFV1 specification may also be converted into XML, HTML, and text formats as an IETF RFC draft based on xml2rfc version 3. Producing the RFC formats requires mmark version 2.2.8 or higher, xml2rfc version 2.32.0 or higher, xmlstarlet 1.6.1 or higher, pandoc or higher, pdfcrop v1.38 or higher, and pdf2svg 0.2.3 or higher.

Note that within lines that are prefixed with SVGI: refer to an embedded svg image as described in LaTeX expressions are provided with a SVGC: prefix in the form of SVGC:filename=LaTeX_formula. Throughout, ASCII-art representations are provided for each LaTeX formula with AART: prefixes. Lines prefixed with AART: MUST immediately follow the line corresponding line prefixed with SVGC:. Lines prefixed with SVGI:, SVGC:, and AART: will be converted into an element in the resulting RFC XML and thus contain both the encoded SVG data as well as optionally the ASCII art fallback.

A Makefile is provided that can produce the RFC outputs.

Version Handling

The file is currently intended to be used to produce documentation for both FFV1 versions 0, 1, and 3 as well as FFV1 version 4. Lines containing {V4} will be suppressed from the version 0,1,3 outputs while lines containing {V3} will be suppressed from the version 4 outputs.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is developed under the FFmpeg Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.