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This Git repository contains the HTML Themes, Templates, Images and Posts of my Jekyll-powered Website at, which serves as my personal Blog.


These Files are Templates and Posts which generate my Website through the Jekyll engine. All Posts (which you find in _src/_posts/) are written using Github-Flavoured Markdown.

How To use

To use Jekyll you need to have (at least) Ruby 1.9.1. Then you can use RubyGems to install Jekyll:

[sudo] gem install jekyll

After that you should install two dependencies, Pygments, which is used for Syntax Highlighting, and Redcarpet, which is used as Markdown-Renderer.

[sudo] gem install redcarpet --version=1.9
[sudo] easy_install pygments

Now you can clone this repository...

git clone

... and render the Website with the Jekyll Server:

jekyll --server

Jekyll now runs a local Server at Port 4000, and you can view the website at localhost:4000.


The content of the articles (as found in _src/_posts/) is licend under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0. The Code of the Templates and everything not directly specified ist licensed under MIT.

Special thanks to the following Projects, from which I used Code/Ideas: