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[Deprecated] Fidesmo Nordpol - The Android Support Library for NFC


Nordpol was created in 2015 when NFC on Android was still young and fragmented. The goal was to provide a unified interface regardless of the underlying Android version. As time passed workarounds for buggy chips, interface elements and much more were added as well. However, the chips that the workarounds were done for are no longer relevant and the old versions of Android that were easier to support with Nordpol are not used as widely anymore. As the main reason for creating Nordpol is no longer valid we've decided to shut down development of it. For anyone still using Nordpol we suggest migrating to the Android NFC API, starting with reading this page: Thank you for the shown interest and see you in future projects!

Goal of the project

To make it as easy as possible to communicate with a NFC device using ISO 14443-4 commands. Specifically we are targeting devices that communicates using ISO 7816-4 APDUs.


Communicating with NFC devices using Android can sometimes be a bit challenging. There is both the new reader mode and the old intent based method. When doing real processing on the card, timeouts starts being an issue and several of the default values require some tweaking. On top of this, on some devices the NFC implementation require some quirks to work properly. We have gathered up our experience from several years of working with NFC on the Android platform into this library.


Download Build Status

To include Nordpol into your gradle Android build add these imports to your build.gradle:

repositories {
dependencies {
    compile 'com.fidesmo:nordpol-android:{ INSERT VERSION HERE }'

If you are using proguard, it will remove methods internal to Nordpol which are called by the android system when a card is detected. To alleviate this please add the following to your proguard configuration:

# The Nordpol library contains methods that will be invoked by the
# system and will therefore be removed by proguard. This forces
# proguard to keep those methods.
-keep class nordpol.** { *; }

You will also be warned that Nordpol uses classes if you are supporting pre 4.4 devices. The library detects the platform version use the right methods internally. Add the following to ignore those warnings:

# The Nordpol library contains references to newer platform versions.
# Don't warn about those in case this app is linking against an older
# platform version.  We know about them, and they are safe.

API Documentation

There are two tutorials introducing the Nordpol API. The first and simplest one is part of a bigger suite of tutorials on how to program for the Fidesmo Card. The second one is slightly more advanced and shows how to interact with an OTP device.

Building locally


We use SBT for building. Get it here

The android subproject expects a file that points to the Android SDK. So to build you need to create the file android/ (relative to the root directory of the repository) containing the following:


sdk.dir = /path/to/android/sdk

On Windows

sdk.dir = Z:\\path\to\android\sdk


After cloning the Nordpol project open a terminal in the project folder and run the SBT command sbt publishM2 This command will (locally) publish the library with the version declared in the version.sbt file in the project folder.

Add mavenLocal() to the repository configuration section in your Android project build.gradle file, like so:

repositories {
     * Other repositories

Import the latest SNAPSHOT version of Nordpol (or whatever version name you gave your locally published the project). For example like this:

compile 'com.fidesmo:nordpol-android:0.1.20-SNAPSHOT'

Many operating systems run into caching issues when you try to publish a new version with the same name as the last version. The project might simply fetch the same version as the one it fetched before because the name didn't change. The current suggested workaround for this is changing the version name after each change.


If you have the right credentials all that is needed is running the SBT command sbt release and you'll be guided through the process.


Additions, bugfixes and issues are very welcome. Added code should be formatted and structured according to Googles styleguide. A pull request should pass the Travis CI before it is merged. If possible a pull request should be rebased to the most recent master commit. Don't forget to add yourself to the list of contributors below.

Thanks for your contributions: