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بسم الله الرّحمٰن الرّحيم

ITL Java is a Java library for calculating prayer (salat) times, qibla direction, and Hijri date. This library is a porting of the legendary ITL (Islamic Tools and Libraries) with Java flavor. The original C version is available at arabeyes-org/ITL repository.


The original ITL is licensed under GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License) which means it is free and remains free: not only the "original" is free but also the "derived", which implies that ITL Java is also LGPL-licensed. Any modification of the library must be released (open-sourced) under LGPL license. Any program using this library must make the users free (provide a flexible way) to change the library implementation/version used.

For more flexible license please see ICLib.

Usage examples

Examples below will show how simple using this library. Longer example is available in

1. Prayer times and qibla direction

    // Initialize
    Prayer calculator = new Prayer()
            .setMethod(StandardMethod.EGYPT_SURVEY) // Egyptian General Authority of Survey
            .setLocation(-6.37812775, 106.8342445, 0) // lat, lng, height AMSL
            .setDate(new Date(), TimeZone.getDefault()); // today, here
    TimeNames names = TimeNames.getInstance(Locale.getDefault()); // for getting prayer names

    // Calculate prayer times
    for (Map.Entry<TimeType, PrayerTime> time : calculator.getPrayerTimes().entrySet()) {
        System.out.printf("%s %s\n",
                names.get(time.getKey()), // prayer name
                time.getValue()); // prayer time
    // or
    for (PrayerTime time : calculator.getPrayerTimeArray()) {

    // Calculate qibla direction
    System.out.println("Qibla: " + calculator.getNorthQibla());

2. Hijri date

    // Initialize
    Hijri calculator = new Hijri(Locale.getDefault()); // locale used for names (months, etc)
    ConvertedDate date;

    // Gregorian to Hijri
    date = calculator.hDate(2, 12, 2016); // or hDate(new Date());
    System.out.println(date.format("EEEE, d MMMM yyyy G")); // converted date
    System.out.printf("%s-%s-%s\n", // converted date
    System.out.println(date.formatSource("EEE, dd-MM-yy")); // source date (before converted)

    // Hijri to Gregorian
    date = calculator.gDate(1, 9, 1438);
    System.out.println(date.format("EEE, d MMM yyyy G"));

3. Umm Al-Qura date

    // Initialize
    UmmAlqura calculator = new UmmAlqura(Locale.getDefault());
    ConvertedDate date;

    // Gregorian to Hijri
    date = calculator.g2h(2, 12, 2016);
    System.out.println(date.format("EEEE, d MMMM yyyy"));

    // Hijri to Gregorian
    date = calculator.h2g(1, 9, 1438);
    System.out.println(date.format("EEE, d MMM yyyy"));

Prayer times calculation methods

You can adjust your own method before calculating. However, it is encouraged to use one of these built-in methods.

  • Egyptian General Authority of Survey - Usually used in Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, Syria, parts of Africa, and parts of United States.
  • University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (Shafi'i) - Usually used in Iran, Kuwait, and parts of Europe.
  • University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (Hanafi) - Usually used in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and India.
  • Islamic Society of North America - Usually used in Canada, Parts of UK, and parts of United States.
  • Muslim World League (MWL) - Usually used in parts of Europe, Far East, and parts of United States.
  • Umm Al-Qurra University - Usually used in Saudi Arabia.
  • Fixed Ishaa Angle Interval (always 90) - Usually used in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.
  • Moonsighting Committee Worldwide
  • Morocco Awqaf Ministry, Morocco

Porting notes

Some differences between the original C and this Java version:

  • hijri/hijri.h and hijri/hijri.corg.arabeyes.itl.hijri.HijriModule and org.arabeyes.itl.hijri.Hijri
  • hijri/hijri.h/sDateorg.arabeyes.itl.hijri.HijriModule.sDate and org.arabeyes.itl.hijri.ConvertedDate
  • hijri/umm_alqura.corg.arabeyes.itl.hijri.UmmAlquraModule and org.arabeyes.itl.hijri.UmmAlqura
  • prayertime/astro.h and prayertime/astro.corg.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.AstroModule
  • prayertime/prayer.h and prayertime/prayer.corg.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.PrayerModule and org.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.Prayer
  • prayertime/prayer.h/Prayerorg.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.PrayerTime
  • prayertime/prayer.h/Methodorg.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.Method
  • prayertime/prayer.c/methodsorg.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.StandardMethod
  • prayertime/prayer.c/exmethodsorg.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.ExtremeMethod
  • prayertime/prayer.c/salatTypeorg.arabeyes.itl.prayertime.TimeType


A Java library for calculating prayer (salat) times, Hijri date, and qibla direction, based on ITL (Islamic Tools and Libraries)








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