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Firefox plugin for jQuery development. This add-on is built on top of native developer tools in Firefox. Firebug 3 isn't required, but some of the screen-shots below show how native developer tools look like when Firebug theme is activated.

Try it for yourself:

  1. Install FireQuery
  2. Load
  3. Execute $('span') on Console panel Command line.
  4. Check out the jQuery object logged in the Console panel.

You can also use this online test page.

Elements with jQuery data associated display a little envelop ✉ in the Console panel. You can inspect the data by clicking on the envelop. Notice also the jQuerify button in the Console panel toolbar. This button can be used to load jQuery into any page.

The Inspector panel also displays the envelop icon ✉ for elements with jQueryData. Clicking the icon opens a popup with details. See screenshots showing Firebug, Dark and Light themes below.


FireQuery is free and open source software distributed under the BSD License.

Hacking on FireQuery

Further Resources

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