Installing BlenderFDS

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First, download BlenderFDS

Download the latest BlenderFDS distribution, and unzip it on your computer in any location.

After unzipping, you obtain a directory (eg. BlenderFDS-v4.2.1) containing:

  • add-on package,
  • examples directory,
  • syntax-highlight directory for external text editors applications,
  • this, and the software LICENSE.

Second, download and install Blender

Download Blender 2.79 and install it.

:warning: Beware that BlenderFDS is not guaranteed to work with Blender versions other than 2.79.

Third, install BlenderFDS add-on package

Launch the Blender application on your computer and select the File > User Preferences > Add-ons menu to open the Blender User Preferences panel.

Click on the Install from File button at the bottom of the Blender User Preferences panel.

Browse to the BlenderFDS distribution directory (eg. BlenderFDS-v4.1.0) and select the add-on package for installation (do not unzip the add-on package in advance).

Click on the checkbox to enable the installed BlenderFDS add-on then Save User Settings.

Close the Blender User Preferences panel and select the menu File > Load BlenderFDS Settings to make your installation permanent and have default settings.

BlenderFDS is ready to go!

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