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Vim plugin to sort python imports using isort


Just call the :Isort command, and it will reorder the imports of the current python file. Or select a block of imports with visual mode, and press Ctrl-i to sort them.

You can also configure isort options, check them on the isort docs.


pip install isort
  • Add the plugin to vim using Vundle or any other plugin manager, pointing to this repo:
Plugin 'fisadev/vim-isort'

(Or if you don't use any plugin manager, you can just copy the python_vimisort.vim file to your .vim/ftplugin folder)


You can configure the default mapping for the visual mode sorter, like this:

let g:vim_isort_map = '<C-i>'

Or disable the mapping with this:

let g:vim_isort_map = ''

You can also specify a particular Python version, so if isort is installed under Python 3:

let g:vim_isort_python_version = 'python3'