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speck - a CLI

speck is a command line tool for managing a account.

Getting started

Install with homebrew

You can install speck with Homebrew in two easy steps (given that you have Homebrew installed):

  1. Add my tap: brew tap fiskeben/homebrew-tap
  2. Install speck: brew install speck

Don't forget to read the paragraph about configuration below.

Building and installing manually

The tool is written in Go and currently requires you to have Go installed in order to build the binary.

make build will build the binary and put it in this folder.

Use make install to install speck. This will create an executable called speck and add it to your Go bin folder. Add the folder to your $PATH if you want.

Configuring speck

You need a token from to use the tool. Create a new token here and put it in a file called .speck.yml, along with your username, like this:

username: your-micro-blog-username
token: your-token

Save the file to either your home directory or current working directory.

Usage and features

Currently speck is very limited. It can retrieve your timeline and create new posts.


Run speck without any parameters to get your timeline. Pipe the output to less to better read it.


Run speck post to create a new post. This will open your $EDITOR (or vi if it's not set) and you can write your post there. When you save and exit the editor the post will be created on your micro blog.

If what you wrote is longer than 280 characters, your editor will repoen and you need to make it shorter.

It's also possible to post something you already have on file, like so: speck post <path/to/file>

TODO and upcoming features

These are some of the features I want to add soon:

  • Pass a file to speck post so that you can write posts independently from posting.
  • A --dry-run flag.
  • Post display:
    • Parsing/stripping HTML
    • Limiting output width to avoid super long lines of text
    • URL to photos.
  • Adding help text to the editor (like git commit)
  • Save the post locally as well as posting it to
  • Multiple accounts.
  • Setup command that writes the .speck.yml config.
  • Implement more of the features from the API such as (un)following, reading users' timelines etc.
  • Open user's profile/timeline in a browser.
  • Don't be an "app" with lots of friendly, formatted output. Output should be possible to pipe to another program.
  • Use stdin as source for post text.
  • Some sort of CI/CD and Homebrew cask for easy installation.

If you have any requests for new features or just want to give some feedback create an issue or reach out at You can also follow me on

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