Examples of different methods to compose FaaS functions together
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FaaS Composition Patterns

Companion examples to this conference talk: https://kccnceu18.sched.com/event/Dqvm/function-composition-in-a-serverless-world-erwin-van-eyk-timirah-james-platform9-intermediate-skill-level



You'll need a Kubernetes cluster setup, Fission installed, and Fission Workflows installed.

Install demo

fission env create --name python --image fission/python-env

fission spec apply

This will deploy all of the demo functions and triggers.

Run the demo

Demo the vision function:

On a picture of text:

curl -X POST -d "url=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fission/faas-composition-patterns/master/test-images/ocrtest.png" http://$FISSION_ROUTER/vision
Hej Verden!

On a picture of a cat:

curl -X POST -d "url=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fission/faas-composition-patterns/master/test-images/cat.jpg" http://$FISSION_ROUTER/vision

Run the translation function:

curl -X POST -d "text=Hej&to=en" http://$FISSION_ROUTER/translation

Now run any of the combined functions:

Using the compiled function, Identify the cat picture and translate the label to Spanish:

curl -X POST -d "url=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fission/faas-composition-patterns/master/test-images/cat.jpg&lang=es" http://$FISSION_ROUTER/compiled

Using the coordinator, OCR a picture of text and translate it to English:

curl -X POST -d "url=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fission/faas-composition-patterns/master/test-images/ocrtest.png&lang=en" http://$FISSION_ROUTER/coordinator
Hello World!

[There's a workflow function sample too under functions/workflow, but it's not tested yet]