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SteamRep PHP API Travis

Provides bindings for the public SteamRep web APIs to fetch reputation for a user.


composer require fisk/steamrep


Typical usage is as follows:

use SteamRep\SteamRep;

$client = new SteamRep();
$response = $client->getUser("76561197971691194");

$tags = $response->getReputation()->getTags();

foreach ($tags as $tag) {
    print("{$tag->getAuthority()} {$tag->getStatus()}\n"); // SR ADMIN


SteamRepResponse is the response object for a successful call.

isValid(): bool

Although a call to the SteamRep API may be successful, the input SteamId64 may be incorrect, or refers to a profile not yet tracked on SteamRep.

This asserts that the value of steamrep.flags.status is valid.

getLastSyncTime(): int

Get the time of the last update for the SteamRep profile.

getReputation(): Reputation

Returns a Reputation entity which provides helper functions for the steamrep.reputation document.

getStats(): Stats

Returns a Stats entity which provides helper functions for the steamrep.stats document.


The Reputation class exposes the reputation data for a user.

getSummary(): string

Returns the value provided by steamrep.reputation.summary. Known values are as follows:

  • none
  • TRUSTED SELLER (disused)

getTagString(): string

A delimited list of tag names provided by steamrep.reputation.full.

Tags in the tag string are sorted by tag category, with miscellaneous tags appearing last.

getTags(): Tag[]

Returns an array of Tag objects representing the steamrep.reputation.tags document.

Tags in this array are sorted in chronological order.


A Tag represents a SteamRep tag, which consists of an authority and a status. This library supplies some helper methods to extract this information.

getName(): string

Get the name for this tag, e.g. SOP ADMIN

getAuthority(): string

Get the authority for this tag, e.g. SOP

getStatus(): string

Get the status for this tag, e.g. ADMIN

getTimestamp(): int

Get the creation time of the tag as a UNIX timestamp.

getDateTime(): DateTime

Get the creation time of the tag as a PHP DateTime object.

NB: The SteamRep API provides a date string, however this does not include the timezone. If you need "SteamRep time", set the timezone of the returned object to CST6CDT.

getCategory(): string

Get the category of the tag. This can be one of the following:

  • trusted - indicates a trusted user group; partner community, middleman, SteamRep admin, etc.
  • misc - used for the SteamRep donator label.
  • evil - scammer tags.
  • warning - caution tags.


getBannedFriendsCount(): int

Return the number of friends with SCAMMER tags.

getUnconfirmedReportsCount(): int

Returns the count of unconfirmed reports (the number of forum threads with non-conclusive tags).

Error handling

  • The client will throw a GuzzleException for Guzzle client errors, or a SteamRepException if the returned data is malformed.

  • Always check the SteamRepResponse isFound() method if you aren't totally sure about your inputs. This will be true if the requested SteamID64 is valid.


PHP bindings for SteamRep reputation web API




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