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Artificial intelligence for vision guided robotics. We're hiring!

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  1. keras-retinanet keras-retinanet Public

    Keras implementation of RetinaNet object detection.

    Python 4.4k 2k

  2. keras-maskrcnn keras-maskrcnn Public

    Keras implementation of MaskRCNN object detection.

    Python 405 131

  3. tf-retinanet tf-retinanet Public

    Python 114 33

  4. camera_pose_calibration camera_pose_calibration Public

    C++ 45 21

  5. keras-retinanet-test-data keras-retinanet-test-data Public

    Test data for keras-retinanet.

    23 85

  6. dr_eigen dr_eigen Public

    C++ 14 8


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