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to see what's in here and how to use it, there is a link to the
manual in that page.

This contains the lsub go packages for clive, which
require the go compiler from lsub with modified chans and doselect.

	Unless you checkout the dist tag from this repo, the source might
	not even compile: it's our development git and we push things
	whlie we are writing them, so they might not even compile, or
	they might fail.
	The dist tag is the last pushed tree that should be ok, so use that one.

The fmt and doc tools have been modified for Clive in the lsub go compiler.
To get documentation for packages you should, for example,

	go doc -m ...

and that prints the manual page for ...

To fmt the code we use the -S flag (which leverages shorthands
introduced by lsub go in some declarations).

In the lsub go we use the lsub branch, but in clive, we use the
master branch.

(thanks to fgergo, who wrote these notes).

Installing clive and running clive programs (e.g. the graphical shell ix)

Installing clive
You'll be building from source.

Installation requirements
- linux or macosx
- git and at least go1.4.3 for bootstrapping clive's modified go compiler

You can install clive’s modified go compiler and clive in different directories.
These steps install both under $CLIVEROOT. Only this document references
$CLIVEROOT and only for convenience. Feel free to follow or change.

Installation instructions

#  Download and build clive's modified go compiler
export CLIVEROOT=/home/<this is my home>/cliveroot	# yes, change this, to wherever you want to have clive
export GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=/your/path/to/go14	# yes, change this
git clone git:// golang
cd golang
git checkout lsub
export GOROOT=`pwd`
export PATH=$GOROOT/bin:$PATH
cd src
export GOPATH=$CLIVEROOT/gopath
mkdir $GOPATH

# Download and build clive
mkdir $GOPATH/src
cd $GOPATH/src
git clone git:// clive
cd clive
go get
go install -v ./...

# Setup clive: check and set environment variables, create directories, create temporary keys, set passwords
# check and set environment variables
echo $GOROOT	# yes, check $GOROOT and set if needed. Details: see above
echo $GOPATH		# yes, check $GOPATH and set if needed. Details: see above
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$PATH
# create directories
sudo mkdir -p /zx/lib			# run as root
sudo chown -R `whoami`:`whoami` /zx
# create temporary certs
cd $HOME/.ssh
# create ~/.ssh/server.[pem|key]
openssl req -new -nodes -x509 -out server.pem \
        -keyout server.key -days 500 -subj \
        "/C=DE/ST=NRW/L=Earth/O=Random \
# create ~/.ssh/client.[pem|key]
openssl req -new -nodes -x509 -out client.pem \
        -keyout client.key -days 500 -subj \
        "/C=DE/ST=NRW/L=Earth/O=Random \
# create /zx/lib/webcert.[pem|key]
cd /zx/lib
openssl req -new -nodes -x509 -out webcert.pem \
        -keyout webcert.key -days 500 -subj \
        "/C=DE/ST=NRW/L=Earth/O=Random \
# create passwords
auth -f default `whoami` secret1	# yes, change this: secret1 will be the password for the  'default' domain
auth -f wax `whoami` secret2 	# yes, change this: secret2 will be the password for the 'was' domain used by the graphical shell ix
chmod 600 server.pem server.key client.pem client.key clive.default clive.wax

# Running clive programs

# to test if your certs are ok, first check clive's web command
web -l	# should start without any output
# your browser: https://ip_of_machine_running_clive:8083 and accept the security exception and you can browse the files in /zx

# run the graphical shell ix
ix	# should start without any output
Your browser on https://ip_of_machine_running_clive:8181 and accept the security exception and you should see the default ix screen something like this:

# ix manual page:

# put these in your profile
export CLIVEROOT=/home/<this is my home>/cliveroot	# yes, change this, to wherever you installed clive
export GOROOT=$CLIVEROOT/golang
export GOPATH=$CLIVEROOT/gopath
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH

Some browsers work better than others
should be best: macosx/safari
should be ok: windows/chrome (tested) and chrome in general should just work
kind of ok: firefox - typing isn't ok:

Minimal ix(1) walkthrough
ix(1) navigation is similar to Mouse click B1 is
select, B2 run's the selected command and B3 is similar to acme's B3
("acquire"), cursor keys scroll the current win. You can drag and drop wins with
B1. To browse the filesystem type / in the first window and B3 click the slash:
a new win lists the root of the file system. B3 on a file opens that file in a
new win, B3 on a directory opens that directory in a new win. You can type
commands in any win, the working directory is shown in the win's title bar. If
you change a file, B1 the floppy to put changes to disk. These should be enough
to get you started.

If some or all of this fails to work as described or you have something to add,
you can try


This is the source for the new Clive system built at Lsub.







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