a Processing library that can read from .xls (aka. Excel) files
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a Processing library that that provides access to .xls (Excel) files.

.xls files are a databaseske and widespread format. This library provides you with a simple iteratable reader.

Latest release (same as in the Processing library manager): https://raw.github.com/fjenett/xlsreader-library-processing/latest/release/XlsReader.zip

Last checked with Processing 2.0.1 but not intensively. Please report bugs / if you find any or suggestions if you have any here: http://github.com/fjenett/xlsreader/issues

There's currently an unresolved issue that will prevent this library from working in (unsigned) applets.


The library is based upon Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Docs http://poi.apache.org/

(c) fjenett - 2007-2013