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Infernum – Web Application Engine

Code Climate License

Infernum is a lightweight Web Application Engine written in PHP 5.5.

ATTENTION! Infernum is currently under heavy development and therefore not usable in a production environment. Use it at your own risk!

Complete installation instructions and more information can be found in our Wiki.

Support: Chat with us at Gitter or drop us a message at


  1. Make sure that the directory cache/ is writable.

    Example: $ chmod 0777 cache/ or $ chown www-data cache/

  2. Execute install.sql in your database.

  3. Copy the file config.yml.dist and rename it to config.yml and adapt the new file according to your needs.

  4. Copy the file websites/default/settings.yml.dist and rename it to settings.yml and adapt the new file according to your needs.

  5. Create your first module. Let's call it vendor/start and use it as our frontpage. This can be done in settings.yml.

  6. Copy the file websites/default/site.yml.dist and rename it to site.yml. To use more modules you can register them there.


  • You must have at least PHP version 5.5 installed on your system.


If you want to contribute, please see the CONTRIBUTING file first.

Thanks to the contributors:

  • Christian Neff (secondtruth)
  • Martin Lantzsch (LinuxDoku)
  • Sebastian Wagner (nobody, sebix)