Account Linking extension for phpBB
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Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts is a new phpBB 3.2 extension that allows your users to link all their owned accounts so they can switch between them without having to type the password every time.


  • phpBB 3.2


  • Account linking. Link all your owned accounts to easily switch between them without having to type your password
  • Bidirectional links. A link created from account A to B will automatically allow account B to switch to A.
  • Permission-ready. Choose which groups can use the account switching features.
  • User selection menu. Find the username of the account you want to link without having to type it. (Because this extension is about not typing, right?).
  • phpBB integration. The extension beautifuly behaves as if the linking account system was part of the phpBB core.



GNU Public License v2