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FNA - Accuracy-focused XNA4 reimplementation for open platforms
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This is FNA, an XNA4 reimplementation that focuses solely on developing a fully
accurate XNA4 runtime for the desktop.

Project Website:

About This Repository
This repository is still based on the MonoGame project's Git history. For the
first official release of FNA, we will be starting a brand new history with a
new repository at this GitHub organization:

FNA is released under the Microsoft Public License. See LICENSE for details.

FNA uses LzxDecoder.cs, released under a dual MSPL/LGPL license.
See lzxdecoder.LICENSE for details.

FNA uses code from the unxwb project, specially released under the MonoGame
project license. See unxwb.LICENSE for details.

FNA uses code from the Mono.Xna project, released under the MIT license.
See monoxna.LICENSE for details.

Documentation for FNA can be found on the FNA wiki:

To see the current roadmap for FNA, see the Github issues page:
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