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A mixin to parse "spintax", a text format used for automated article generation. Can handle nested spintax.
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A mixin to parse "spintax", a text format used for automated article generation. Can handle nested spintax, and can count the total number of unique variations. Now also supports consistent unspinning!

Read more about the motivation behind it at the announcement of its initial release.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'spintax_parser'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install spintax_parser


Perhaps the simplest way to use it is to mix SpintaxParser directly into the global String class, like this:

require 'spintax_parser'
class String
  include SpintaxParser

Then you can safely call #unspin on any string in your application:

spintext = "{Hello|Hi} {{world|worlds}|planet}{!|.|?}"
10.times do
  puts spintext.unspin

Run the code above, and you will end up with several random variations of the same text, such as:

Hi worlds.
Hi planet?
Hello world?
Hi planet?
Hi world?
Hi world!
Hi world.
Hello world.
Hello world!
Hello worlds.

And don't worry: calling #unspin on a string with no spintax will safely return an unaffected copy of the string.

Also, note that the #unspin method doesn't really care if the class you mix it into is a descendant of String or not, as long as its #to_s method returns a string written in spintax.

Consistent unspinning

Got a special project that requires unspinning the same spintax the same way in certain circumstances? No problem. If you're using a Ruby version >= 1.9.3, you can pass a pre-seeded random number generator to the #unspin method just like you would to the Array#sample method. Et voila! Consistent unspinning!

seed = Random.new_seed
spintext.unspin :random =>  # => "Hello world!"
spintext.unspin :random =>  # => "Hello world!"

Counting total variations

You can also count the total number of unique variations of a spintax string. If you've mixed the SpintaxParser into your String class like above, just call the #count_spintax_variations method on any string as shown below:

spintext = "{Hello|Hi} {{world|worlds}|planet}{!|.|?}"
spintext.count_spintax_variations  # => 18


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