Arduino library for basic Bluetooth Low Energy with the nRF24L01+
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Arduino library for basic Bluetooth Low Energy support using the nRF24L01+ (basic support = sending & receiving on the advertising broadcast channel)

You will also need to install the RF24 library installable either from the Arduino IDE or .

Note: the BTLE class and the examples are licensed under GPLv3. However, the helper functions in are (C) 2012 by Dmitry Grinberg under a separate license (see file for details).


The nRF24L01+ can only send and receive up to 32 bytes. For advertising messages, this means 32 - 6 (MAC) - 2 (header) - 3 (CRC) = 21 bytes of payload can be sent and received at most. Consequently, a full iBeacon message won't fit in there and will never be received. Also, if you're sending advertisements from your phone, the device name alone will take up a significant chunk of that budget.