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an easy no-dependency test harness in shell
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super simple harness for your smoke tests

smoke screenshot


We found most test harnesses too hard. We found running shell loops not repeatable. We like easy.

running it

cd smoke

options and defaults

./ -h runs smoke tests on your box
 usage: <option>

 where option can be:
    -l <file> :silently write logs to <file>. default: /var/log/smoke.log
    -f :only output failures. default: not set
    -d <directory> :runs tests in <directory>. default: tests/
    -h :prints this message

writing tests

just add your script into smoke/tests (or any directory called by the -d option above)! Your test must:

  • be executable
  • exit 0 for a passed test and exit non-0 for a failed test
  • use init-style naming if you'd like to run in a certain order. For example:
    • 010-script will run before 050-script
    • 050-script will run before a_script
    • a_script will run before b_script

that's it!

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