Simple status page using Uptime Robot and Github Issues
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System Status Page

This is a simple status page to show an overview of your sites.

We wanted to make a simple status page that queries the uptime robot API to get a status of each page and also display any issues.

Based on the awesome statuspage by @pyupio, but simplified.


  • Fetch service status dynamically from REST API
  • Fetch incident messages from GitHub Issues

How to use Github Issues

We've set this up to use labels to identify issues:

  • operational means all systems good.
  • investigating means under investigation.
  • outage to identify an outage.
  • degraded to identify an issue causing degraded performance.

On top of that, you can add labels that start with system: and they will show what system the issue is related to. For example system:blog would show an issue with our blog.

Labeling an issue with any of these tags will reflect on the status page.

MIT Licensed