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A twitter spam bot.
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The past

Troyolo started out as an inside joke that I took way too seriously by writing a twitter bot that would tweet bitly links to silly pug gifs in response to any tweet containing the hashtag '#troyolo'. It quickly evolved into a massive spam bot as the power of what I had created went to my head. At one point, I had it tweeting pug gifs in response to all sorts of things, spamming all sorts of people. Highlight of the trip: my spam bot encountered another spam bot and the two bots tweeted back and forth in response to each other for hours. Eventually, the monster I had created was shut down when twitter banned the account used by my spam bot. It was fun while it lasted.

The present

Now, I've decided to reform my evil ways and transform Troyolo into a tool for good. My plan for the new Troyolo is to use it as an auto-follower bot. It'll detect when new people follow a twitter account and follow them back. Maybe that sounds useless to you, but trust me, it's a great idea.

The future

  • Schedule tweets in advance
  • Support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Maybe even a web-based UI, who knows!
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