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Organization that hosts the Flyte Project with all of the core components. Flyte is an LF AI & Data Graduated Project

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Flyte is a workflow automation platform for complex, mission-critical data and ML processes at scale

We at Flyte are constantly striving to make MLOps better by providing off-the-shelf orchestration mechanisms to automate the way you build pipelines.

5️⃣ Reasons to Use Flyte

  • Kubernetes-Native Workflow Automation Platform
  • Ergonomic SDKs in Python, Java, and Scala
  • Versioned & Auditable
  • Reproducible Pipelines
  • Strong Data Typing

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  1. flyte flyte Public

    Scalable and flexible workflow orchestration platform that seamlessly unifies data, ML and analytics stacks.

    Go 5.1k 546

  2. flytekit flytekit Public

    Extensible Python SDK for developing Flyte tasks and workflows. Simple to get started and learn and highly extensible.

    Python 210 245

  3. flytesnacks flytesnacks Public

    Flyte Documentation 📖

    Python 74 103

  4. flytectl flytectl Public archive

    A cross platform CLI for Flyte. Written in Golang. Offers an intuitive interface to Flyte

    Go 45 82

  5. flytekit-java flytekit-java Public

    Java/Scala library for easily authoring Flyte tasks and workflows

    Java 41 28


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