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This is a simple theme for hugo which can serve as a template for personal landing pages.


Clone this repo into your themes directory of your hugo website:

git clone themes/vncnt-hugo

Or even better, add this repository as a submodule of your hugo website, if you are using git for it:

git submodule add themes/vncnt-hugo


Copy the config.toml file of the theme into the main directory of your hugo website. You may want to adjust the value of baseURL as well as the parameters in the [params] section.

If you set email in [params], the link to your email will appear in front of all keys set in [].

Changing Contact Links

To add a link to a preferred service of your choice simply add a suitable key to [], e.g.

linkedin = ""

Please note that the key must correspond to a fontawesome brands icon. Also, regardless of the key order in your config.toml file, the links will be ordered lexicographically due to the usage of range.

However, you may specify contact links more verbosely, as documented in config.toml. This allows to use other fontawesome styles and manually sort contact links.

Third-party Components

The spine (I'm so sorry) of this theme is made of Barebones. Both normalize.css and barebones.css are licensed unter the MIT License.

This theme relies on fontawesome. The included files in static/webfonts are used under the SIL Open Font License 1.1 as described in static/css/all.min.css. The latter file is licensed under the MIT License.

The Raleway font files in static/fonts are licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1 (see static/fonts/OFL.txt)


The theme supports Google Analytics using Hugo's internal templates. To enable tracking, set the googleAnalytics and (optionally) privacy configuration values.

Dark Mode

On supported browsers, this theme applies a dark mode if the user's OS itself is set to dark.


  • add support for blog-like content


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