Cleverbot client in node.js
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A node.js client for talking to cleverbot.

Basic usage:

In order to add your key to your bot, you can use the configure method. API keys can be obtained from the Cleverbot API Sign Up Page.

    var Cleverbot = require('cleverbot-node');
    cleverbot = new Cleverbot;
    cleverbot.configure({botapi: "IAMKEY"});
    cleverbot.write(cleverMessage, function (response) {

Changes from 0.2.x

  • API Key is now required
  • Cleverbot.prepare call is no longer needed. It is now a noop for backwards compatibility
  • The output of the bot is now in the output attribute of the response object. It is copied to message for backwards compatibility

Known issues

  • Cleverbot API sometimes returns an empty response attribute

See 'examples' for more usage.