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Careers opportunities at Forbole, Big Dipper and Desmos.
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This repo contains the job openings at Forbole (including Big Dipper and Desmos).


For enquiry on our job openings, please contact Terence by email (

About Forbole

Forbole Limited ("Forbole") is a blockchain startup incorporated in Hong Kong in 2017. We advocate for using distributed ledger technology to improve our world which is dominated by a handful of centralized powers. We have three categories of products and services:

1) Staking-as-a-Service

Forbole is a recognized validator and contributor of various proof-of-stake blockchains with a focus in Cosmos, the internet of blockchains. We are currently on Cosmos ecosystem chains including Cosmos Hub, Iris Hub, Terra Money, Kava, BitSongs, Sentinel, Cyber Congress and LikeChain. Forbole is also an active validator and contributor in Polkadot and Solana.

Feel free to follow our Twitter, join our community chatroom and visit our website.

2) Big Dipper

We have created Big Dipper, an award-winning open-source block explorer and delegator tool for Cosmos used by people from over 130 countries. Big Dipper is currently exploring Cosmos Hub, Iris Hub, Terra Money, Kava, BitSongs, Sentinel, Cyber Congress, LikeChain and Regen Network.

You may check the GitHub of Big Dipper here.

3) Desmos

We are developing Desmos with Cosmos SDK, which is a public social media chain to supply identity & accountability to validators with a novel and generalizable temporary key pair using browser-based WASM. Desmos will also serve as a regional Hub in South China and Southeast Asia.

You may check the GitHub of Desmos here.

How we work

We are an early-stage startup with worldwide tractions. Joining us at this stage means you will be one of the early co-builders of a rising startup of a rising ecosystem in a rising industry. We have a strong sense of decentralization and diversity. There is no micro-management. Every teammate accomplishes the milstomes on her or his own initiative. We work as a distributed team across the globe by using tools such as GitHub and Zoom.

Current job openings

Core Developer (Remote)

Golang Developer (Remote)

Product Manager (Remote)

Network Engineer (HK)

UX Designer (Remote)

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