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Forio's Route Optimizer combines linear optimization in Julia with Google Maps. The completed project runs on Forio's Epicenter platform here.

The Route Optimizer model is licensed under LGPL and the interface is licensed under Apache v2.

##To run on Epicenter Before running the project, a Google Maps API Key is required

  • Copy the 'public' folder into your Epicenter project. Tutorial here.
  • Verify from your project settings that your project is set to 'public'. Tutorial here.
  • Change YOUR_KEY_HERE in index.html to reference your Google Maps API key.

To run locally

  • npm install
  • bower install
  • grunt production or grunt server


  • Copy the 'configure.default.json' file into the same folder and name the new file 'config.json'
  • Change the "YOUR_API_KEY" value to your API Key


Additional details on our methods and motivation are in our blog post.

© Forio Corporation, 2014. All rights reserved.