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01. installation
02. getting started
03. user guide
04. theming guide
05. module guide
06. contribute


Fork CMS Documentation

This repository is now deprecated, all the documentation can now be found at (https://github.com/forkcms/forkcms/tree/master/docs)

Slack Status

This repository contains the documentation of Fork CMS. The documentation files are automatically updated on http://docs.fork-cms.com


Want to help improving our documentation? Check out the dedicated article about contributing. See [contribute/03. documentation](06. contribute/06. documentation.md) for details.

Questions? Feel free to discuss on our Slack channel

Table of Contents

1. Installation

  1. [Download, upload & installation](01. installation/01. installation.md)
  2. [Installation Wizard](01. installation/02. installation_wizard.md)
  3. [Minimum requirements](01. installation/03. minimum_requirements.md)
  4. [Webservers](01. installation/04. webservers.md)
  5. [Upgrading](01. installation/05. upgrading.md)
  6. [Version control](01. installation/06. version_control.md)
  7. [Faq](01. installation/07. faq.md)

2. Getting started

  1. [Introduction](02. getting started/01. introduction.md)
  2. [Adding modules](02. getting started/02. adding_modules.md)
  3. [Adding a theme](02. getting started/03. adding_a_theme.md)
  4. [Spam protection](02. getting started/04. spam_protection.md)
  5. [Linking Facebook](02. getting started/05. linking_facebook.md)
  6. [Enable Twitter cards](02. getting started/06. enable_twittercards.md)
  7. [Configuring cronjobs](02. getting started/07. configuring_cronjobs.md)
  8. [Publish your website](02. getting started/08. publish_your_website.md)

3. User guide

  1. [Introduction](03. user guide/01. introduction.md)
  2. [Dashboard](03. user guide/02. dashboard.md)
  3. [Pages](03. user guide/03. pages.md)
  4. [The editor](03. user guide/04. the_editor.md)
  5. [Standard modules](03. user guide/05. standard_modules.md)
  6. [SEO](03. user guide/06. seo.md)
  7. [Marketing](03. user guide/07. marketing.md)
  8. [Mailmotor](03. user guide/08. mailmotor.md)
  9. [Settings](03. user guide/09. settings.md)

4. Theming guide

  1. [Introduction](04. theming guide/01. introduction.md)
  2. [What is a theme within fork?](04. theming guide/02. what_is_a_theme_within_fork.md)
  3. [Theme contents](04. theming guide/03. theme_contents.md)
  4. [Page templates, positions & blocks](04. theming guide/04. page_templates_positions_and_blocks.md)
  5. [Making a basic theme](04. theming guide/05. making_a_basic_theme.md)
  6. [Creating a template](04. theming guide/06. creating_a_template.md)
  7. [Locale and translations](04. theming guide/07. locale_and_translations.md)
  8. [Theme checklist](04. theming guide/08. theme_checklist.md)

5. Module guide

  1. [Introduction](05. module guide/02. introduction.md)
  2. [Applications & Library](05. module guide/02. applications_and_library.md)
  3. [Routing](05. module guide/03. routing.md)
  4. [Modeling your module](05. module guide/04. modeling_your_module.md)
  5. [Writing your module](05. module guide/05. writing_your_module.md)
  6. [Blocks and widgets](05. module guide/06. blocks_and_widgets.md)
  7. [Templates](05. module guide/07. templates.md)
  8. [Translations/Locale](05. module guide/08. translations_or_locale.md)
  9. [Forms](05. module guide/09. forms.md)
  10. [Data grids](05. module guide/10. data_grids.md)
  11. [Generate thumbnails based on folder](05. module guide/11. generate_thumbnails_based_on_folder.md)
  12. [Javascript](05. module guide/12. javascript.md)
  13. [Ajax](05. module guide/13. ajax.md)
  14. [Passing data from PHP to javascript](05. module guide/14. passing_data_from_php_to_javascript.md)
  15. [Cronjobs](05. module guide/15. cronjobs.md)
  16. [Module settings](05. module guide/16. module_settings.md)
  17. [Pagination](05. module guide/17. pagination.md)
  18. [Meta data & SEO](05. module guide/18. meta_data_and_seo.md)
  19. [Breadcrumbs](05. module guide/19. breadcrumbs.md)
  20. [Tags](05. module guide/20. tags.md)
  21. [Search](05. module guide/21. search.md)
  22. [Creating frontend-widgets](05. module guide/22. creating_frontend_widgets.md)
  23. [API](05. module guide/23. api.md)
  24. [How does the API work](05. module guide/24. how_does_the_api_work.md)
  25. [Events publish and subscribe](05. module guide/25. events_publish_and_subscribe.md)
  26. [Creating an installer](05. module guide/26. creating_an_installer.md)
  27. [Creating a module.zip file](05. module guide/27. creating_a_module_zip_file.md)
  28. [Implementing Twitter Cards](05. module guide/28. twittercards.md)

6. Contribute

  1. [Introduction](06. contribute/01. introduction.md)
  2. [Testing](06. contribute/02. testing.md)
  3. [Features](06. contribute/03. features.md)
  4. [Translations](06. contribute/04. translations.md)
  5. [User interface](06. contribute/05. user_interface.md)
  6. [Documentation](06. contribute/06. documentation.md)
  7. [Spreading the word](06. contribute/07. spreading_the_word.md)
  8. [Open sourcing your modules/themes](06. contribute/08. open_sourcing_fork_cms_modules_and_themes.md)