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Form3 Account API Take Home Exercise
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Form3 Take Home Exercise


This exercise has been designed to be completed in 4-8 hours. The goal of this exercise is to write a client library in Go to access our fake account API service.


  • Client library should be written in Go
  • Document your technical decisions
  • Implement the Create, Fetch, List and Delete operations on the accounts resource. Note that filtering of the List operation is not required, but you should support paging
  • Ensure your solution is well tested to the level you would expect in a commercial environment. Make sure your tests are easy to read.
  • If you encounter any problems running the fake accountapi we would encourage you to do some debugging first, before reaching out for help


  • Add your solution to the provided docker-compose file
  • We should be able to run docker-compose up and see your tests run against the provided account API service

Please don't

  • Use a code generator to write the client library
  • Implement an authentication scheme

How to submit your exercise

  • Create a private GitHub repository, copy the docker-compose from this repository
  • Invite @form3tech-interviewer-1 and @form3tech-interviewer-2 to your private repo
  • Let us know you've completed the exercise using the link provided at the bottom of the email from our recruitment team
  • Put your name in the README
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