Ready-made composed Victory components
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Ready-made composed Victory Components!


Getting Started

formidable-charts is a set of composed, pre-styled Victory components that can be used to display rich, interactive charts. Our theming system not only supports style based theming, but behavioral/compositional theming as well.

  1. Add formidable-charts to your project

    npm install formidable-charts --save

For React Native, you'll need -native and react-native-svg:

npm install -native formidable-charts react-native-svg --save
react-native link react-native-svg
  1. Add your first formidable-charts component:

    import React, { Component } from 'react';
    import { render } from 'react-dom';
    import { LineChart } from 'formidable-charts';
    class MyLineChart extends Component {
     render() {
       return (
         <LineChart />
    render(<MyLineChart />, document.getElementById('app'));
  2. Explore the API and try out the various possible components and configurations and their themes!


# Run the demo app server
$ npm start

# Open the demo app
$ open http://localhost:3000

# Run tests
$ npm test

For more on the development environment, see DEVELOPMENT in the project builder archetype.


Please review our Code of Conduct before contributing.

For a detailed contribution guide, please see CONTRIBUTING in the project builder archetype.


This project is in a pre-release state. We're hard at work fixing bugs and improving the API. Be prepared for breaking changes!