A Gentoo ebuild overlay for flatpak
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A Gentoo ebuild overlay for the Flatpak application distribution format.

Note that this only installs the Flatpak application, for usage see the main Flatpak website.

The Flatpak ebuild does not track actual applications installed by Flatpak like Gentoo would. Flatpak uses OSTree to install and track applications and runtimes in /var, so the base Gentoo installation will not be touched. It is also possible to install applications and runtimes on a per user basis only.

How to use this overlay?

There are two main methods for making use of this overlay, discussed in the sections below.

Local overlays

For the local overlay method, create a /etc/portage/repos.conf/flatpak-overlay.conf file containing the following bit of text.

priority = 50
location = <repo-location>/flatpak-overlay
sync-type = git
sync-uri = git://github.com/fosero/flatpak-overlay.git
auto-sync = Yes

Change repo-location to a path of your choosing and then run emerge --sync, Portage should now find and update the repository.


You can also use the Layman tool to add and sync the overlay, read the instructions on the Gentoo Wiki.

The repositories.xml can be found at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fosero/flatpak-overlay/master/repositories.xml.