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Accelerate your robotics development

Accelerate your robotics development

Foxglove was founded to improve the development experience for robotics teams by bringing high quality tools to the robotics industry. Our mission is to reduce the time to market for our users, and accelerate the robotics revolution.

🔍 Foxglove Studio – Use interactive visualizations in customizable layouts to quickly understand what your robot is doing.

☁️ Foxglove Data Platform – Securely store petabytes of indexed and tagged data for easy discovery and analysis.

🧢 MCAP – A modular container format and logging library for pub/sub messages with arbitrary message serialization.


  1. studio Public

    Robotics visualization and debugging

    TypeScript 1.5k 280

  2. mcap Public

    MCAP is a modular, performant, and serialization-agnostic container file format, useful for pub/sub and robotics applications.

    Python 338 51


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