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This is a small tool to convert GHC time profiling reports into a format understandable by the FlameGraph tool.


cabal install


First convert a .prof file into the flame graph svg:

$ cat ~/src/packdeps/ | ghc-prof-flamegraph >

Or, alternatively, just pass the .prof file as an argument. The tool will then create corresponing .svg file:

$ ghc-prof-flamegraph ~/src/packdeps/
Output written to ~/src/packdeps/packdeps.svg

The previous command will produce ~/src/packdeps/packdeps.svg file.

You can customize the behavior of the underlying by passing options via –framegraph-option. For example, you can customize the title:

$ ghc-prof-flamegraph ~/src/packdeps/ '--flamegraph-option=--title=Package dependencies'
Output written to ~/src/packdeps/packdeps.svg

You can also generate a flamegraph using the allocation measurements, using the --alloc flag.