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torque_ltda: a package to create virtual machines from regular torque batch jobs.


1) A user home directory mounted on the baremetal worker nodes and on the virtual machines.
2) Hostnames for the virtual machines that are resolvable from the worker nodes.
3) Passwordless ssh between the worker nodes and VMs.  Use either public keys or HostbasedAuthentication.
4) kvm, libvirt, python-libvirt, pysqlite2 (python <= 2.4) or sqlite3 (python > 2.4) installed on the worker nodes.
5) A virtual machine image of qcow2 type mounted on nfs space.

Worker node install:

git clone git://
cd torque_kvm

If you installed TORQUE somewhere other than /var/spool/torque, set the value of TORQUE_HOME in

When you run the install script, it will copy torque-kvm.conf to /etc/torque-kvm.conf.  Set the values in torque-kvm.conf for your local setup before running the install script.  You can change these values in /etc/torque-kvm.conf anytime after.

Run the install script: ./

Now, initialize your databases.  cd to $TORQUE_HOME/net/ and edit the network.conf file to replace the hostname/mac/ip settings with 
those that you want.  Make sure you have unique hostname/mac/ip settings on each worker node.  Or, you can place the entire net directory on nfs space if you want a single, global map of hostname/mac/ip for the vms.    

run ./initialize  

This will generate two files: network.db (queried by the prologue/epilogue scripts) and dhcpd.entries.  The dhcpd.entries file is of the form that it can be included by your dhcpd server.

A sample dhcp config looks like this:
# DHCP Server Configuration file.
ddns-update-style interim;
subnet netmask {
include "/etc/dhcpd.conf.d/wn001.dhcpd.entries";
include "/etc/dhcpd.conf.d/wn002.dhcpd.entries";
include "/etc/dhcpd.conf.d/wn003.dhcpd.entries";
Where the conf files generated on three worker nodes are placed in a dhcpd.conf.d directory and included.  

Submit node install:

The first few lines of bin/submit_filter contain site defaults.  Edit these to reflect your local policies. 

On all submit nodes, copy bin/submit_filter to any directory you want.  The file has to be owned and executable by root, and not writable by anyone else.  Add the following line to /var/spool/torque/torque.cfg

SUBMITFILTER /path/to/submit/filter