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short voice message service
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index.src.html short voice message service


please look in the different files for licensing details (of the scripts and the libs)

if not mentioned otherwise (in the files) the license is MIT and/or GPL and/or LGPL (think this is called co-co-licensing).

ok, how does this work

glued together by memyselfandi franz enzenhofer (follow me on twitter if you like)

where does it work (for sure)

  • chrome - mac
  • firefox - mac

tested on opera (mac) and safari (mac), too. does not work there (on safari due to lack of typedarrays i think, in opera due to a strange webworker bug)

not tested on windows or any version of IE. (a few weeks ago i wasted days (days!!!) fixing the windows vista installation of a friend, it was the most stupid, most horrible IT experience i had for years. i will never touch a microsoft machine ever again, ever!!!!)

where and how was this coded

  • bolivia - with a shitty internet connection, that's probably why it's 100% client side. (limited ressources lead to clever decisions. i'm a huge fan of limited ressources)
  • the idea came to me after 6 month of south america travel (with backpacks and family)
  • took me about 2 and 1/2 days
  • emacs
  • coffeescript

p.s.: i'm currently looking for an no b*llshit whole stack webperformance optimization guy for some freelance work. please contace me. office (at) franz - enzenhofer . com

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