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add docstring to *http-io-timeout*

Change-Id: I3f709e1db1943f688a1f618156580a8e111601d9
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1 parent 1ef5cc9 commit 1ad19934843f8663ef0896775a2a9f88ebdba4a3 John Foderaro committed
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@@ -421,7 +421,10 @@ will be logged with one log entry per line in some cases.")
; this is only useful on acl6.1 where we do timeout on I/O operations
-(defvar *http-io-timeout* 120)
+(defvar *http-io-timeout* 120
+ "The number of seconds that a read or write to the socket can be
+blocked before we give up and assume the client on the other side has
+died. Use nil to specify no timeout.")
; usually set to the default server object created when aserve is loaded.
; users may wish to set or bind this variable to a different server

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