A javascript tool to emulate Custom Fields within the Shopify dashboard.
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Shopify custom fields

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This a javascript tool to emulate Custom Fields within the Shopify dashboard. The main use would be for Shopify designers and developers wanting to give their clients a simple way to edit metafields with less confusion.

Do note that there's no interface for a Store Owner to make any new fields using this (simply to avoid explosions) so it's up to you - the developer - to help add them. To add the required metafields you'll need to either use ShopifyFD, the Shopify API, or a metafield app of your choice.

Installation and help

tl;dr Use the Chrome Extension.

The Chrome Extension is simply a helper script that loads the files from here. If you don't run Chrome or just prefer to load via a bookmarklet you can follow the instructions on this page.

A very basic help guide is available.

Support Development

If this tool makes you look awesome to your paying customer or helped you land that project, consider leaving me a tip.

Exclusions / notes

  • This tool will NOT show metafields under the Global namespace. This is more of a sanity check than anything else.
  • Custom field whitelist is loaded once on load. If you change the whitelist after loading it, you'll need to force refresh.

Custom field markers

Add these strings into the value (or key) for added magic. Not all of these work yet so consider them a suggestion only that may change at any time.

  • "[a]": limit display to articles only

  • "[c]": limit display to collections only

  • "[cu]": limit display to customers only

  • "[g]": limit display to pages only

  • "[o]": limit display to orders only

  • "[p]": limit display to products only

  • "[_c]": mark as a collection field

  • "[_f]": mark as a file field

  • "[_i]": mark as an integer field

  • "[_g]": mark as a page field

  • "[_p]": mark as a product field

  • "[_n]": mark as a number field

  • "[_d]": mark as a date field

  • "[_co]": mark as a color field